Donne & Cavalli Citrus and White Tea Lotion - $18
Donne & Cavalli Aromatherapy Hand and Body Lotion - $30.00
Healing Salves
(Lavendula Augustifoloia, carrot seed oil, olive oil) - approximately 2.5 oz tin
By blending olive and carrot seed oils with healing plants and herbs, we have created a natural skin care line that is effective on dry, cracked, irritated skin.

This product is for horse and rider. Rider: Massage a small amount into cuticles, dry patchy areas on elbows, skin that is healing from a light irritation. Horse: Cleanse affected area with Spikenard cleanser, dry, apply soothing salve on bug bites, hairless areas, dings, and scratches. Massage into skin. Do this every other day until hair begins to grow back, usually about 5 days.

Note: Discontinue if any irritation begins. Some people and horses have allergic reactions to lanolin which is made from wool.
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Shower Gels
Donne & Cavalli Borage Leaf Foaming Cleanser - $16.00
For the person that needs foam to deep clean away dirt, pollution, and oil. Ginger and Lavender with aloe vera, borage extract, and willow bark extract acts as a very gentle exfoliate as well as a non-irritating cleanser. DO NOT use near the eye area. Use Chamomile Cleanser to remove eye makeup first. For combination to oily skin regularly. Once a week for dry. 5 ounces.
Chamomile naturally derived from the flower and Squalene derived from the olive are cold pressed to concentrate. Vitamin A & E with Aloe vera blended synergistically to offer soothing and calming effects for dry irritated skin. This cleanser completely removes eye and face makeup, can be used for a close shave and as an everyday cleanser. For dry, combination, and sensitive skin. 5 ounces.
Body Lotions
Mineral and Dead Sea salts combines with Eucalyotus, Spearmint, Peppermint energize and relax tired, overworked muscles.
18 ounces.

Donne & Cavalli Invigorating Bath Salts - $34.00 
Bath Salts
Aromatherapy Oils
Skin Care for Active Lifestyles

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With Organic Essential Oils

16.9 ounce Signature Aromatherapy Hand and Body Lotion
• Calming and Balancing to Horse & Rider • Leaves skin soft and silky • Does not feel greasy • Lavender, Spikenard, and Sage essential oils - no parabens, no mineral oil, no synthetic fragrance.

This light butter cream complex blends shea butter & olive oil to saturate the skin with vitamins A, B, C, & D to moisturize and heal skin without a greasy feeling. Green tea is added for its powerful anti-aging properties that fight free radicals on the skin.  The synergy of the three organic essential oils of Lavendula Audustofolia (Lavender) from South Africa, Nardostachys Jatamansi (Spikenard) from Nepal, and Salvia Officinalis (Sage) from Spain not only heal, soothe, and regenerate skin, the scent as inhaled through the olfactory sense calms and balances the mind of the horse and rider.

Use along with Rhythm bells during a training session and feel the difference in your ride. This formula was created so that the horse will accept the rider's presence without fear. However, all our client's love the product, whether they have a horse or not!
Donne & Cavalli Soothing Salve Bar - $20.50
Donne & Cavalli Aromatherapy Cleansing Gel - $28.50

This shower gel is gentle with intoxicating restful essential oils of, Spikenard, Lavender & White Sage created for you, offering a deep clean feel without dryness. These three specific essential oils are blended to create a feeling of calm and balance your energy while leaving an intoxicating scent on the skin. You can use this on You, Your Family and  your Dogs and Horses.  To use on Dogs and Horses,  spot clean an area of their body that may be dry and flaky or healing from a wound.  Because of the essential oils if offers natural healing properties. Keep by your sink, in your shower, or outside by your water source. This is truly an amazing cleanser you won't want to miss.  Made in small batches by a custom aromatherapy blender made famous in the spa world for their Body Bliss products. We are honored to have them as our custom blender using  our recipe and specifications.    16 oz 
Alpha & Beta Hydroxy acids derived from sugar cane, willow bark, and milk derivatives naturally loosen the bond of dead skin cells to accelerate the natural skin renewal process. Jojoba beads exfoliate to prevent occlusion of pores. Use once a week for dry skin and two to three times a week for oilier skin. Follow with toner and moisturizer. 5 ounces.
Donne & Cavalli AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser - $17.00
Donne & Cavalli Chamomile Cleanser - $16.00
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We studied the history of beads, bells, and horse adornment. Our findings show that this practice dates back beyond Native American Indians that used feathers and shells to thread in the mane and tail of their horse to use in battle to give them speed, power, and safety. If you look at images of horses and their riders from ancient times to the present day you will see images of saddle adornment, beaded bridles, tassels, Conchos, full body armor, ceremonial decorations from Asia to the Middle East.

So is it that unusual that we now are using beads and bells to train our beautiful animals as well as adorn them!

Please check back often to see our new beads as they change regularly. If you would like something special created we will try our best to accommodate your request but we cannot guarantee it.

Cautions: Use common sense! Do not leave beads on your horse unsupervised. Tie the rawhide strand into their mane to hold in place. Do not tie too tight. Beads are designed to break in an emergency. Test beads and bells BEFORE putting on your horse. Let them see, smell, and listen to the beads.

Each necklace is hand made and no two are alike.  The choices are Black and White or Natural Wood Brown or Festive Colors.  These necklaces are $55.00 and sold with a complimentary mixture of essential oils. 

Peppermint and Lavender essential oils are infused into the beads to assist with focus and balance.  Only Donne & Cavalli provides these beads.  Each necklace is hand made and no two are alike.  When ordering, describe your preference and will try to match with what we have available.
We know that there are many beautiful rhythm beads on the market today and appreciate the opportunity to tell you about Donne & Cavalli’s beads and bells.

What makes ours different? Each is hand made with wood, glass, metal, plastic beads and special ordered brass Tibetan bells. Each pendant is hand picked as well as the matching colored rawhide it is threaded on. Each strand is dowsed with our special essential oil blend made by our horse whispering massage aroma therapist in California, Joaquin Creten. Tibetan bells are used to disperse negative energy and to raise vital life-force energy, not to mention hearing the balanced cadence of your horses hoof while training and out on trail letting all the other critters know you are coming. I find it to be meditative to listen to these bells and focus on the moment and the joy of riding!
Example of Rich shades of brown wooden beads with brass beads & gold bells, Teal Glass heart at center. Great gift!   
Example of Black and white Rhythm Beads with silver bells and cross Rhythm Beads.
Example of Festive and colorful Rhythm Beads with a glass swirl center piece.
Very light refreshing citrus blend that hydrates skin without sticky feeling use shoulders to toes! Great for Spring and Summer.
8 ounces

Send us an email and describe the beads you want and we will try to match.
Send us an email and describe the beads you want and we will try to match.
Send us an email and describe the beads you want and we will try to match.
Facial Crème
Sage & Citrus Moisturizer is a very light non greasy crème. Essential oils of sage, grapefruit, orange and watercress helps to condition and tone the skin. This blend purifies and revitalizes the complexion.  Antioxidants A, C & E are incorporated to protect and improve the skin’s elasticity. For normal/combination, oily/acne skins. Great for people that are outdoors, the vitamin C helps balance skin and provides protection from free radicals that can advance skin aging. This is not a sun screen.  D&C SPF 30 Sunscreen can be added over this crème within minutes after application.
2 ounces.

Donne & Cavalli Sage & Citrus Crème - $32.00
Oxygen Revitalizing Cleanser - $25.00
This cleanser is a gentle foamy cleanser that removes makeup and environmental debris with a slight foam. it is also stimulating to increase oxygen in the skin. 6.7 ounces