"My husband and I both love Donne and Cavalli's Hand and Body Lotion. Most lotions are heavy or leave your skin sticky. Yours is quick-absorbing without being greasy or sticky. I love the fragrance, and it moisturizes so well. My husband used it on a red, dry, itchy skin rash on his arms and it cleared his skin up in record time. It's pretty hard to find a lotion that we both like, too, but this one is it."

Ange Finn
I spent a half hour twice a day soaking her in towels of hot epsom salts (wore the bucket the first time of course) and palpated the entire leg, from flank to toe to see if anything seemed sensitive. Immediately what came to mind was the "special" lotion I was saving (saving for I wasn't sure what!) EVERYDAY, twice a day I massaged that entire leg with the lotion knowing it would help to heal her. She loved the massage, and I am telling you in exactly 10 days she was as good as new. I JUST stopped putting the lotion on two days ago, which is why I'm telling you how timely your email is!

Sorry to be so lengthy - I've always believed in aromatherapy and your product is really special. Oh - I also put some around her nose and on her neck so she could smell it, and also on the nose and neck of the other horse that I board for her friend so that he would stay calm around her while she was healing.

So now I have to order more cause I about used up the whole bottle! Thanks for your beautiful products. They truly are for the equestian and friends.

Very best, Leslie
Wellington Florida - Trainer John Zopatti and Equestrian Katie Hoog
A few clients tried the Soothing Salve product on their horses and word of a "wonder cure" spread quickly. "Not only does it help dry skin problems, it helps the hair grow back quickly," said equestrian, Katie Hoog. Hoog's dressage trainer, John Zopatti of Wellington, Florida, admits he was a little skeptical about using a human product on horses. "But because the product was made with all-natural ingredients and essential oils, I agreed to give it a try. Now I keep a can in every tack box," said Zopatti.
Zoe Hart
D&C welcomes our newest extreme athlete to the team, Zoe Hart. Whether Zoe is in the Swiss Alps leading a tour of extreme skiers or hanging off a cliff for a Patagonia photo shoot, she takes her D&C sunscreen with her!! You go girl!
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I have to say that when I received my order, the fact that there was a personal note inside was absolutely the most meaningful and outstanding thing that I have EVER received with ANY order of ANY product at ANY time!!!!

I "think" I saw an advertisement for your products in one of the horse magazines (was it Equus??) honestly, I am not sure (sorry) but the beautiful picture on the bottle in the ad caught my eye and just jumped off the page as something I would want to have. It just felt to me as if your product captured the spirituality of the connection that I believe is unique between horse and 'owner' (not that we can "own" an animal but you know what I mean. I've always loved horses and always dreamt of owning my own horse, yet that dream didn't happen until my 50th birthday! I've had my horse Milky Way for nearly 4 years and she's really my soulmate. She's a strong and stout quarter horse - chocolate palamino, just a beautiful girl. I'm not one to buy myself expensive lotions and the like, but did buy your aromatherapy lotion as a treat to myself (thinking I would buy it for Milky Way) and just kept it on my dresser to look at everyday and hadn't really used it (saving it?). A couple of weeks ago I went to the barn as I do every morning before work and Milky Way was limping and walking on the toe of her hind foot. The vet was coming that afternoon to give spring shots and I had her take a look at it. Couldn't find anything, decided to soak in warm epsom salts and see if we could bring anything out. Considered a stifle injury if an absess didn't appear - we'd have to wait and see.